Clifford Stewart (tony2btrue2self) wrote in fryingpans,
Clifford Stewart

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So I got baked this morning and what I love to do when I get high is listen to one of my magic mixes when I smoke, for me, anything I hear I can manifest, I can't explain it. I saw spikes in my living room this morning and it kind of freaked me out. The high wasn't happy, wasn't sad, it just had an overall negative feeling to it. Kinda weird, so when I was out in my car looking for a certain CD I unknownigly dropped my keys and locked my car thinking I left them in the house, when I found out I hadn't I was too baked to care and then woke up late to go to work only to use my AAA membership to get a fucking lockout. I have a night job I work and it's been nearly 6 12-hour shifts since I have had a day off.

PS. Weed makes me very horny. Does this happen to anyone else?
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