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The first step . . . . .

is admitting your a stoner and so what? I bought my first 20 sac this week after briefly giving it up because of jobs that required drug tests. Fucking Nazi's. I live just north of Seattle. I work for an alarm company and I get high when I feel. It all restarted after my roomies boyfriend reintroduced me to the beatuful Goddess named Mary Jane. So I smoke and this magical world opens up to me, all spritual, all postive. I quit smoking 6 years ago because the people I smoked with like to fuck with me.  I smoke? 
Because I like to
because Pot is awesome. 
because I like going into my own world, and Pot helps this. 
So I am little paranoid when it comes to smoking, sometimes I think the cops are watching me, but the faires that watch me said I have nothing to worry about. 
I have a back ache. 
Anybody here from Seattle? 
Anyway, when holding onto a small pipe are you supposed to put you finger on the hole in the side and just inhale or let your finger off of it, it's been a while. Hit me up. 
add me. 
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