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A Forum for Queer Stoners

forum for queer stoners
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Are you Queer? a Stoner?
You've come to the right place.
This community was dreamed up by drew ( mascot ) and lala ( drownophelia ), two queer stoners who live in brooklyn. The name was conceived one night - when they were stoned, of course - as drew watched lala while she checked her friends list. drew's thought processes went as follows: oh, my. the i am pansexual community makes me cringe. where are the queers like us on livejournal? i'm hungry. i want chinese. i want sane friends, or at least pleasantly unbalanced ones. what would be a good name for a livejournal community composed of me and la? what do we do? maybe pizza. we smoke pot. and we're pansexual. pansssss. i think i'm fried. i think i'm thinking? is that metacognition? pannzzzz. frying pans. hey, la!

la is the computer-knowledgeable motivated one. drew is good at coming up with titles.

so join us, and discuss your debauchery. we welcome queers of all genders, marijuana users of any frequency, and anyone else who thinks they have something to contribute (other than queerbashers and marijuana prohibitionists).